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Temple Beth Israel

801 W. Michigan Avenue ✡︎ Jackson, Michigan 49202 ✡︎ (517) 784-3862 ✡︎

    Temple Beth Israel is a Reform synagogue formed in 1862 by Jews of German background. The Temple developed out of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, which had been organized in 1858, and was the second Reform Congregation in Michigan. Today we are a diverse and welcoming community committed to celebration and worship. We are a passionate Congregation comprised of both fifth- and first-generation members.

    Reform Judaism has enabled the Jewish people to introduce innovation while preserving tradition, to embrace diversity while asserting commonality, to affirm beliefs without rejecting those who doubt, and to bring faith to sacred texts without sacrificing critical scholarship (Retrieved September 16, 2014, from, What is Reform Judaism?).

    Temple Beth Israel Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This 1-acre burial plot; located in Jackson, Michigan; contains over 270 burials representing four and five generations of Jackson families. The cemetery was dedicated in 1859 and is still accepting burials making it Michigan’s oldest Jewish Cemetery in continuous use.

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